Friday, March 24, 2006

Sundry Friday

How come nobody ever says that something is sundry? It's always "various and sundry" even though "various" and "sundry" mean the same thing. It's a crazy world, my friends.

Here's today's Henry. We're nothing if we're not diverse. Henry is Dominican. I recently found out that Henry and Henri are not getting along together. Henry knows some French (he learned in Haiti), but it's not Parisian French, and Henri is a little uppity about that. I'm not the only creative one around here, methinks. (A uniball vision fine point pen works better on felt than a sharpie, in case you ever need to know.)

I forgot a new project yesterday in my list of new cast-ons since mid-January. Remember the two sock yarn projects that I cast on? One is a super-secret sock yarn project that isn't a sock, and the other was a super-secret sock yarn project that was a sock. The super-secret-not-sock project is still on the needles, in fact, it's in my work bag because it's some good mindless knitting for whenever I have time. The super-secret-sock project is also still on the needles, because I'm too lazy to rip it back and re-ball the yarn.

Joy thinks I should tell you who the chocolate cherry socks are for. I think I don't have to because it's my blog, and because maybe the recipient is a Drunken Monkey reader and I don't want said recipient to know that the socks are for her. EEP! Her! I gave away a clue!

Kimmy has started her entrelac bag! I'm really excited because she said we could have a felting party at her house when we're both done, which is good because the only other place I have to felt things is at my parents' house.

Speaking of, my current obsession is the
Great Lakes Fiber Show which for some reason takes place in Wooster, Ohio, my lovely home town. The dates for the show cover Memorial Day weekend, which seems like a perfect time to head northeast. I'm pretty sure I saw signs for this show a few years ago after I had started knitting but before I knew what a fiber show was worth. I have plans to attend this year, for sure. Road trip, anyone?

Know this:
Pomatomus is brilliant. More pictures soon.


Joy said...

ooooooo... me likes the pomatomus-however-you-spell-it pattern! of course, it says it's really challenging, so perhaps i'll wait till i've complete sundry more projects and honed my skills more.

well, i suppose if the chocolate cherry socks are a surprise gift then you don't have to say who they are for. (like you need my permission! :) ) i'm all for surprises. i never looked for my christmas presents, let alone shook them, before the big day!

Brenda said...

Enough with the surprise projects! I can't keep straight which super secret yarn is for which super secret project.

Nicole said...

count me in for the road trip, sounds like fun.Some of our students and I are going to Dayton tomorrow, kind of a Class Field trip to some other Yarn sources,anybody else who wants to join a bunch of yarn crazy Ladys?

grins said...

Hey, Lady! You know that anyone who wants to join the caravan (or truckavan, if that is the case by Memorial Day) is welcome at our house! As a matter of fact, I can hardly wait!

A-h-e-m ... have you checked out your sister-in-law's blog lately? Perhaps you should soon. There may be surprises there -- PLUS adorable baby photos! And Calvin is getting super big!

For those of you who are "commenting" and wondering if any of the "secret-socks" projects are for me, don't worry. Brooke is making the secret socks for someone else. I personally can't stand surprises.

I love you, Brookie!!!

grins said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I love your photo thingy of the cats and projects and stuff! How clever!

grins said...

By the by, I also adore Henri, Henry, Henery, Henrey, Henerey, and Hanry! Cute -- just like you!

Love and Hugs!

ktdig said...

wow! that picture of the pomatomus (although i want to call it "pottomus" like the end of "hippopotumus") is really scary at first! The sock looks cool, but that seems kind of wrong to make the model rip her leg off like that! Maybe its just me...thats probably what it is. I love Henri and Henry - way to be diverse! I value your diversity.