Friday, March 3, 2006

New Friends, New Socks

I have a new friend. His name is Meekins. He is either a sheep or an albino monkey, or perhaps a cross-breed of the two. Regardless, he enjoys watching me knit and likes to protect me from sharp needle points protruding from my knitting bag.

I have been knitting. A little here and a little there. I've been working on my raindrop lace socks and a new project that is potentially for my aunt. I've been building my right arm muscles by winding every stray ball of yarn I can find with my new ballwinder. I've been working on my Mango Moon bag and I have almost two pieces (out of four) complete! There just really isn't any exciting progress worth photographing at this point. Maybe next week. I feel like I've been working a lot of hours and not getting a lot of knitting progress done.

Wendy (from sock club) was wearing these socks last week that she got from Kim (from sock club) as a gift. And I decided that I needed some, so I asked about them, and today I got some. Yay for Knitting Girl socks! There were only three pair left at Dillards, and I bought these, and Kimmy (from work) bought the third pair. I love them! I think I might wear them every day.


grins said...

That sure looks like a drunken meenkey sheep to me!

grins said...

Okay ... so I was wrong. It looks like a drunken meekinsky sheep!!!

Brenda said...

That little sheep is precious! And I love the socks! I NEED THEM!

trek said...

I think he looks like a sheep. Funny stuffed animal story - friends went to the Paralympics in Torino and brought the Neatnik back a stuffed animal..I thought it was a sheep - it was all soft and wooly - until it MOOED!